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You have clients or companies involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), computer and communications, internet, web, media contracts, procurements, supplies or projects. They may be encountering
  • Contractual and project management difficulties - inadequate execution of the contract, or deficient implementation of the project, giving rise to project delivery problems, fitness for purpose arguments and disputes
  • Shifting requirements, delays, missed milestones, budget over-spends, software defects and deficiencies, testing failures
  • Allegations of scope creep, failure to articulate and fix requirements, failure to extract, clean and transfer legacy data, failure to provide adequate resources, failure to work as a team
  • Failings in performance of personnel, software and systems, crashes, outages, business disruption and consequential damages
  • Data and privacy breaches, information security compromises, cybercrime attacks
  • Lack of co-operation between customers and suppliers
  • Impending or actual ICT Disasters

    ICT Software, Systems and Services Suppliers
    Project Managers, Developers, Vendors, Implementation Consultants

    Your customers and clients
  • Keep 'moving the goalposts', so that requirements are expanding, unstable and inconsistent, creating 'constant mission creep'
  • Provide project staff who are constantly critical and uncooperative, sometimes downright obstructive, working to their own agenda and, it seems, with rarely the best interests of the project in mind
  • Do not know who is supposed to ensure that their own customer or corporate databases are cleansed, complete and consistent, nor who among their team is to be responsible for legacy data transfer and how to define validation and verification testing to check for final data accuracy and integrity
  • Have inadequate information security policies and procedures in place and cannot define their objectives and requirements to you

    ICT Software, Systems and Services, web, internet, mobile app Customers
    CIOs, Programme Directors, Procurement Managers, Purchasers

  • You suspect that your software and systems vendor, developer or consultant originally misrepresented the status of the 'packaged solution' that you were sold, and the true nature and extent of 'customisation' and modifications needed to meet all the requirements for your business or application
  • You are being pressed to carry out Acceptance Testing, so that the project can be signed-off and final payments made by you to suppliers, although you are worried that the system or solution is by no means in state fit to enter such final testing or approval (there seem to be dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands - certainly far too many - unresolved design faults, functional defects and performance testing error logs outstanding)
  • You don't like the sound of your supplier saying 'Don't worry, this is normal - we'll fix any bugs that remain after acceptance and go-live, under warranty. Relax…'. You are anything but relaxed!
  • You have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the delay in your business-critical project's delivery date is largely the fault of your supplier and its project management team; furthermore, the system simply does not work at all/as required (and there does not appear to be any hope that it ever will). And yet - more money is being demanded to complete the work (or, it is threatened, the developers will have to down tools, leave the job, and go off-site), when, however, you feel the delays, defects and deficiencies are due entirely to the poor quality of the supplier's work, standards and methodologies, and project control
  • Your Board is reluctant (to say the least) to sanction yet another budget increase for the project, wants you to 'get tough' with the supplier, and/or anyway somehow get the project back on track, turn it round and be able to assure your company that it will be completed, fully-functional, by a definite delivery date
  • Failing that, your Board wants you urgently to consider whether it be your recommendation that project abandonment, and contract termination, is in reality now the most sensible, cost-effective, least-damaging course of action…

    Whether ICT lawyer, supplier or customer, you may be entering, or already be deeply immersed in, a brewing DISPRO - DISaster PROject. DON'T WORRY: professional, proven and effective help is at hand.

    I have 20+ years of practical experience in analysing DISPROs as an internationally-recognised independent and professional ICT Project Manager, Expert Witness and Management Consultant, and can quickly
  • Identify the key issues, problems, challenges and obstacles to progress
  • Put in place an effective Turnaround Plan to resolve the issues, regain control of key activities and dependencies, and identify the critical actions needed to avoid a drift towards disaster
  • Negotiate a pragmatic and cost-effective way forward acceptable to all parties which, working as needed with your lawyers, will be legally sound, with a fair sharing of risks, and provide a realistic and achievable project delivery schedule
  • Manage, if you wish, the Turnaround Project implementation, working productively towards a reliable and certain delivery performance.


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